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Information on funding opportunities for Aberdeenshire Communities

This page offers information on accessing funding through Aberdeenshire Council and also signposts organisations to other funding schemes and helpful information. Whilst there are opportunities to apply for funding through the Council these resources are extremely limited, and the Council’s main aim is to direct organisations to other suitable sources of funding by means of advice from officers, and by accessing information through sources such as the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations website. The SVCO website is a rich and valuable resource to access for a varied range of further information to support people in managing and running organisations.

For further information please email for assistance. Alternatively you can write to us at Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB16 5GB..

Where can I apply to?

Please see the Funding Directory below that offers a range of Council and Council-affiliated grant schemes that are available.

Aberdeenshire Council Funding Directory

Aberdeenshire Educational Trusts (awards usually to schools and for arts projects)

Aberdeenshire Leader Fund (for projects that benefit rural communities)

Area Committee Funding

Banffshire Educational Trust

Our Place Project Fund (grants for community projects celebrating the local area)

Community Learning and Development

Community Partnerships

Economic Development (support for new and established businesses)

Education, Learning and Leisure

Energy Assistance Project (help with heating and insulation)

Gordon Leisure Projects Trust (Provision of leisure facilities)


Social Work

Transport and Infrastructure

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