Have your say - budget proposals

The engagement process and surveys are now closed. The results will be published on this page in due course. They will be passed to Councillors who in turn will use them to inform their decision making for the coming financial year.

To hear your thoughts on our budget proposals we have developed a set of infographics. Each of them paints a different picture of a different part of council budget setting. For example there is a section on the pressures that councils are under, one which focuses on council tax, and one which lays out some of the future opportunities.

Give us your views

For each proposal there is a survey with a short set of questions, in some cases just two questions, to give you the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Budget pressures proposal logo

Pressures on our services

View pressures on services infographic (pdf 186kb)

Have your say on pressures


Identifying savings proposal logoIdentifying savings

View savings infographic (pdf 153kb)

Have your say on savings 


Council Tax proposal logoCouncil Tax

View Council Tax infographic (pdf 216kb)

Have your say on Council Tax


Future of sports and cultural services proposal logoSports and cultural services

View sports and culture infographic (pdf 197 kb)

Have your say on the future of sports and culture

Invest in our communities proposal logoInvesting in our communities

View communities infographic (pdf 162 kb)

Have your say on investing in communities


Increasing efficiency proposal logoIncreasing efficiency

View efficiency infographic (pdf 183kb)

Have your say on efficiencies 


Income generation proposal logoIncome generation 

View income generation infographic (pdf 157 kb)

Have your say on income generation


Of course we would love you to give us our views on all seven topics. However if you feel particularly strongly about one specific area you can make sure that your message gets across loud and clear.

The infographics themselves are also being issued for use in community forums and discussions right across Aberdeenshire, to make sure everyone gets the chance to participate.

Results will be published on this page in due course.

As part of our budget engagement activities each of the three main groups that make up the current council have put forward proposals on how money could be saved.