Local Government Elections 2017 - Nomination Pack

View nomination pack to stand as a candidate in elections to Aberdeenshire Council on 4 May 2017:

  1. List of contents for full nomination pack (pdf 94KB)
  2. Letter to prospective candidates (pdf 146KB)
  3. Guidance notes for candidates and election agents (pdf 326KB)
  4. Local Government Election nomination forms (pdf 244KB)
  5. Register and absent voter list request form (pdf 82.7KB)
  6. Notification of appointment of polling agents (pdf 19.7KB)
  7. Notification of appointment of counting agents (pdf 11KB)
  8. Notification of appointment of postal vote agents (pdf 84.9KB)
  9. Guest count attendance (pdf 115KB)
  10. Notice of withdrawal (pdf 119KB)
  11. Candidates declaration (pdf 59.5KB)
  12. Agents declaration (pdf 59.5KB)
  13. Expenses return spreadsheet (xlsx 88.6KB)
  14. Limit on candidates election expenses - Banff and Buchan (pdf 188KB)
  15. Limit on candidates election expenses - Gordon (pdf 186KB)
  16. Limit on candidates election expenses - WAK (pdf 188KB)
  17. Timetable for candidates (pdf 75.3KB)
  18. Arrangements in force (pdf 131KB)
  19. Flyposting (pdf 63KB)
  20. Use of schools and rooms for election meetings (pdf 68.6KB)
  21. Notice of situation - all wards (pdf 218KB)
  22. Local Government Election 2012 results
  23. Code of conduct for campaigners: electoral registration, voting and polling stations (pdf 227KB)
  24. Guidance for staff and Councillors (pdf 161KB)
  25. Guidance for tellers (pdf 919KB)
  26. Tellers do and don'ts (pdf 196KB)
  27. STV overview (pdf 310KB)
  28. Secrecy provisions - poll (pdf 69.6KB)
  29. Secrecy provisions - count (pdf 58.8KB)
  30. Secrecy provisions - postal vote opening (pdf 58.2KB)

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