Housing Market

Housing land audit is an annual audit of the housing land supply in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. We use this audit to determine if there is enough land available for housing development and informs the planning of future infrastructure such as roads, schools and drainage.

Draft Housing Land Audit 2018 

You can also view Housing Land Audit from 2017.

The audit provides detailed information on the established, effective, and constrained housing land supply and housing completions totals for housing market areas and towns. It also sets out the current housing land requirement and five year effective housing land supply. View our housing land audit 2017 (pdf 4.43MB).

You can also view our actual and anticipated housing completions in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire from 2012 to 2021 (pdf 331KB).

Housing market statistics

Our housing market statistics include average house price figures for Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City, housing market areas and main towns. Also proportions of new build and secondhand sales for our towns. View our house price bulletin 2015 (pdf 168KB)

Other housing market statistics for Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City are available:

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