Occupied by Students

If a member of your household is a Student, we may be able to give you a student discount on your Council Tax.

To qualify you must be a 'full time' student studying at a recognised educational establishment. You must provide evidence to show this.

Student discount

Under certain circumstances students may be exempt from paying Council Tax.

There are 3 categories under which exemption may be applied for and granted.

These are where the property:

  • is occupied solely by students
  • has been left unoccupied whilst the student is resident elsewhere
  • has been left unoccupied by students for a period not exceeding 4 months (please note that this exemption reason can only be granted to a landlord)

To apply for an exemption or discount, please complete the following form:

Alternatively, contact your Council Tax Team on 03456 08 1 201 who will help with your enquiry.

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