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Part of our Community Partnership working. Where Aberdeenshire Councils collections are loaned to the Banff Preservation and Heritage Society. Please keep up-to-date by checking out their website and the page for Banff Museum.

One of Scotland's oldest Museums, founded in 1828. See an electro-type copy of the Deskford Carnyx, a unique 2000-year-old war trumpet, as well as:

  • Nationally-important collections of Banff silver
  • Astronomy - James Ferguson 'The Banff Astronomer'
  • Local objects and displays by the Banff Preservation and Heritage Society.


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Opening Hours for June, July and August 2016 - Every Thurs, Fri and Sat 10.30 - 1.00



Banff Museum participated with the BBC and the British Museums online project - A History of the World. One of the objects that Aberdeenshire Museums Service has chosen from the vast collections of Aberdeenshire Council is the Banff silver teapot, which forms part of the Banff Silver collections.

Silver teapot by an unknown maker circa 1715-20Silver waisted bullet-style teapot, made by an unknown Banff silversmith circa 1715-20. This teapot is one of the oldest surviving silver teapots in Scotland and is one of the largest existing pieces of Banff silver. The quality of this teapot illustrates that the Banff silversmiths were capable of producing sophisticated silverware equal to that being produced in Edinburgh. 

From the 1680s to the 1880s there was a succession of twenty-four silversmiths working in Banff, who produced a variety of silver goods including mugs and cutlery. It is a mystery why so many silversmiths worked in the town but a clue may rest with the mercantile shipping trade and wealthy local benefactors in the Lairds of Banffshire. 


Museums See local finds and learn about the Carnyx, a 1st century Celtic war trumpet found near Banff in the 19th century. The original is now on loan to the National Museums of Scotland, but a replica made in the 1800s can be seen.


Phone 01771 622807 to arrange special access or for more information


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Banff Museum

High Street
AB45 1AE

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Parking: between Low Street and High Street, entry on Low Street - footpath leads directly to High Street.

Access: partial access for wheelchair users to ground floor only.

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