Children and Family Aquathon Series 2016

Dates for 2017 events coming soon

What is an Aquathon?

An aquathon is a Swim then Run event.

Juniors compete in age categories: age 8, age 9-10, age 11-12, age 13-14 and age 15-16 (age is taken as on the 31 December of the year of competition)

Juniors swim between 50m and 400m and the Run is between 600m and 3km depending on age category.

Adults will swim 400m and run 3K.

Dates and venues of events

Date Venue registration time


If you have any questions at all about these events please email or phone 01467 625088

Online entry open soon


What to wear

 swimming costume with T shirt to put over it for the run (you do not get changed after the swim - you will dry off on the run!). Trainers for the run.

Where do I get changed?

the swimming pool changing rooms will be available before the swim and after the run and you may leave your belongings in a locker whilst you compete. Do NOT leave your belongings in a cubicle.

How does the swim work?

Swimmers will be set off in batches according to their age and estimated time and will swim in roped lanes. The more accurate you can be about your swim time the more likely you are to be in a lane with swimmers of a similar ability which reduces congestion.

How does the scoring work for the adult/child teams?

The adult and the childs points will be added together to produce a winning team.


There will be small prizes for each age category.

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