Aberdeenshire Winter Duathlon Series

Duathlon 2017 - Run - Bike - Run    

Please use the links below to find out full details of each event.  You can enter the races from there.

All races listed below are Adult, unless otherwise stated

2017 Dates are now confirmed as follows 

Westhill  Sunday 22nd January 2017 

Inverurie     Sunday 26th February 2017  

Aboyne      Sunday 19th  March 2017

Knockburn Sunday 2nd April 2017

Knockburn Kids Duathlon Sunday 2nd April 2017 

Prices for 2017

Entry Fees

TS / BTA Licence Holder

Active Aberdeenshire Members

Non Race Licence Holder


Under 16 (Knockburn only)





Please Enter Early - Limited Entries will be accepted on the day (£2 Surcharge for Entries on the day)


Triathlon Scotland

Under New Criteria un-licenced competitors are subject to a new levy from Triathlon Scotland hence the price differential between Licence Holders and Non Licence Holders. Race licences can be purchased from Triathlon Scotland

TRIATHLON SCOTLAND Membership Benefits
A Race Licence
Reduced Race Entry
Worldwide Personal Accident Insurance and Legal Advice
Eligibility to earn individual and club ranking points and prizes

Cancellation Procedure

Please take note that all races will be weather permitting, in the event of cancellation of any race due to weather problems a message will be posted on this web site. We will also post a message on www.fleet-feet.com to try and reach as many people as is possible.

(All enquiries regarding these events should be directed to sportsevents@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or 01467625088

Categories for 2017

Both male and female

Junior = 14 – 19

Senior = 20– 39

Veteran = 40 – 49

Super Vet = 50 +

Vintage = 60 +

Category Definition Age - at 31/12/2017

eg if you are 40 in 2017, you will compete as a veteran for that year

Race Results

Race Results can be found  at Resultbase within 3 hours after conclusion of the race

A copy of the results will be available on these webpages.

Full race results will be sent to the Triathlon Scotland.

If at the presentation a competitor wishes to query his/her result/time please make yourself known to the race organiser.

All results will be double-checked prior to publication.


Prizes will be awarded to the male and female winner and runner-up in each category above.

Only 1 prize will be awarded per person.

General Rules

It is the competitor's responsibility to be well prepared for the competition, both in general health as well as present level of training.

Each competitor is responsible for his/her own equipment and must ensure it meets accordingly with the regulations.

Competitors must not interfere with the progress of another competitor, whether intentionally or accidentally.

Athletes must not compete in the cycling or running sections with a bare torso. The lower body must be adequately covered with a minimum bathing costume.

No assistance will be allowed to competitors through the pacing by escort vehicles, drafting (minimum of 7m between cycles) or in the transition area. Side by side riding is only permitted during overtaking and should be completed within 30secs.

Shortcutting or disregarding the official course will result in immediate disqualification.

Swimming Section

Each competitor with a colour coded swim hat, which must be worn throughout the swimming section and must be deposited with the lane marshal.

The race starter will start swimmers in the water either in groups or individually, depending upon available lane space.

No artificial aids such as paddles, fins and snorkels are allowed. Swimming goggles are recommended.

Swimmers must swim in an anti-clockwise/ clockwise direction as determined by each lane.

Drafting in the swim section is allowed until the end wall of the lane where overtaking may take place.

If a swimmer taps your legs during the swim you must wait at the end of the lane for them to overtake. There should be no overtaking during the length.

With two lengths to go the lane counter will let you know by taping you on the head or signalling underwater. The lane counter is always right and there should be no discussion with them. Only exit pool when told to do so.

Cycling Section

Competitors are responsible for his/her bike to be in safe order.

Cyclists must wear an approved helmet throughout the cycle section. Helmets must be fastened before leaving the transition area. No helmet, no race

Competitors incurring punctures, accidents, etc must repair their cycle themselves, without assistance, to the satisfaction of the race marshal. Do not continue cycling if your bicycle is unsafe.

The Highway Code must be obeyed at all times.

Running Section

Running shoes must be fastened by means of tied laces or toggle system, to prevent tripping.

Drafting does not apply in this phase. Runners are advised not to run more than two abreast, and shall stick to the pavements or left hand side of the road.

Risk Assessment

For individuals racing outside Scotland other rules may apply.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to make themselves familiar with the local competition rules.

A risk assessment will be carried out before each event using the TS approved format.

A copy of the completed risk assessment will be available at the race venue and will be held by the TS Director of Competitions.

Results from previous seasons

2016 Series Results

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Aboyne Duathlon Little 2016 Overall

Aboyne Duathlon Large 2016 Overall

Knockburn Duathlon 2016 Overall

Knockburn Kids Duathlon 2016 Category

2014/15 Series Results

Inverurie Duathlon 2014 Overall

Westhill Duathlon 2015 Overall

Aboyne Duathlon Little 2015 Overall

Aboyne Duathlon Large 2015 Overall

Knockburn Duathlon 2015 Overall

2013/14 Series Results

Inverurie Duathlon 2013(pdf 222kb)

Westhill Duathlon 2014 (pdf 208kb)

Aboyne large Overall 2014(pdf 30kb)

Aboyne Little overall (pdf 26kb)

Knockburn Duathlon 2014 Overall (pdf 27kb)


We would like to acknowledge the assistance of the clubs, marshals and volunteers who help to make the series a success.


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