Major Planning Applications

The following categories of "major" development are encouraged to adopt Aberdeenshire Councils Major Applications process:

  • Major Applications All Schedule 1 development;
  • Housing development of 50 or more units, or the site is 2ha or more;
  • Business and Industry (Use Classes 4-6) - the gross floor space of the development is 10,000 sq metres or more, or the site is 2ha or more;
  • Electricity Generation– the generating station (including renewables) has a capacity of 20mw or more;
  • Waste Management - the facility has a capacity of 25,000 tonnes or more per annum, or in the case of sludge treatment a capacity of more than 50 tonnes (wet weight) per day of residual sludge;
  • Transport and Infrastructure – the length of new or replacement roads, railways, tramways, waterways, aqueducts or pipelines (including some cycle/walk ways) exceeds 8km;
  • Fish Farming - the surface area of water covered is 2ha or more;
  • Minerals - the area of extraction is 2ha or more;
  • Other Development (not falling within any class above) - the gross floor space of the development is 5,000 sq metres or more, or the site is 2ha or more.

Guidance Note (pdf 356kb) provides guidance on dealing with major development from pre-application stage to formal submission and determination.

Guidance Note (pdf 144 KB) provides guidance on pre-application discussion on behalf of ACSEF (Aberdeen City and Shire Economic Future) .

Pre-Application Meeting Request Form (pdf 117 KB) to be completed and submitted to the Planning Service for the purposes of undertaking pre-application discussions for major development.

Developer Contribution Guidance (pdf 146 KB) provides guidance on Aberdeenshire Council's developer contribution procedure.

Consultees (pdf 104 KB) gives details of internal and external consultees for planning applications.

Processing Agreement Template - A planning processing agreement is a project management tool. They can be used to set out the key processes involved in determining a planning application, identifying what information is required, and from whom, and setting timescales for the delivery of various stages of the process.

Processing agreements can deliver a number of benefits including:

  • Greater transparency in decision-making for everyone involved in the process
  • Greater predictability and certainty over the timing of key stages
  • Faster decision-making
  • Clearer lines of communication between authority and applicant
  • More effective and earlier engagement of key stakeholders

We encourage the use processing agreements, preferably agreed prior to submission, for all major applications.  We would also encourage developers to consider entering a processing agreements for local developments that are likely to prove contentious within smaller communities.

Please see the processing agreement template or contact the Planning Department for further information. Aberdeenshire Processing Agreement Template (pdf 94kb)

Please see the Processing Agreement Guidance (pdf 52.4kb) for further information.



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