Planning Performance Framework

The assessment of performance has been part of the Scottish Government’s ongoing development of modernising, streamlining and improving the Planning System. Further planning reform has recently been the focus of attention through the Independent Review of the Scottish Planning System – which has set out recommendations designed to further rationalise, improve and modernise the planning system. Built on the foundations of producing effective and comparable performance assessments, the Planning Performance Framework (PPF) was developed to represent a contemporary performance management framework. Now in its 5th year, this framework requires all local authorities to submit an annual record of their performance.

Aberdeenshire Council through its own Planning Performance Framework covers all aspects of the Planning Service; Development Management, Development Plans and Environment Planning. The framework captures key elements of a high-performing planning service, such as:

  • speed of decision-making
  • certainty of timescales, process and advice
  • delivery of good quality development
  • project management
  • clear communications and open engagement
  • an overall ‘open for business’ attitude

The framework gives a balanced measurement of the overall quality of the planning service and will be used to drive a culture of continuous improvement. The PPF is updated annually and published on each local authority website.

Planning Performance Framework 2015-16 (pdf 4896 KB).  The documents below will appear as links within the document and should be read within the context of the document.

Chapter 2b – Certainty

Chapter 2c – Communication, Engagement and Customer Service

Chapter 3a – Effective Decision Making

Chapter 4 – Continuous Improvement

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