Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan - Archive Information

This section provides access to key documents used in the preparation of the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2012 and 2017 leading up to their adoption.

Proposed Plan 2016 – Supporting Documents

Proposed Plan 2010

Proposed Local Development Plan - Text version and area maps

Proposed Supplementary Guidance 2010



Business development

Town centres and retailing

Development in the countryside

Special types of rural land

Housing land supply

Affordable housing

Other special housing needs

Layout, siting and design of new development

Developer contributions

Enabling development

Natural heritage

Landscape conservation

Protecting, improving and conserving the historic environment

Safeguarding of resources and areas of search

Main Issues Report 2009

The Main Issues Report was reported to the Council's Infrastructure Services Committee on 30 April 2009. This document identified choices for development in the area, in particular the locations where we felt development should and should not occur. This was the key document for early engagement on the Local Development Plan.

The Main Issues Report was published for a seven week consultation period from 18 May 2009 to 6 July 2009. The consultation responses helped to form the policies and proposed development sites asset out in the Proposed LDP. Responses to the Main Issues Report can be found here - Local Development Plan - Main Issues Report Responses.

Main Issues Report

Aberdeenshire Local Plan 2006

The Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2012 replaced the Aberdeenshire Local Plan 2006.

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