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Private Housing

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Private Landlords - Advice and Support

Information for landlords renting in the private sector. Help and practical support on setting up, managing and ending a tenancy.

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Private Tenants - Advice and Support

Information about renting in the private sector.


Homeowners - Advice and Support

Information on the help avaliable for homeowners who want to carry out repairs and maintenance to their homes.

Energy Ratings

Energy Efficiency

Find out more about energy efficiency, how to reduce fuel bills and free insulation schemes that are available to all residents (even homeowners) in Aberdeenshire.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme is an independent third party scheme, approved by the Scottish Government, to hold and protect a tenant’s deposit until it needs to be repaid at the end of their tenancy.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Landlords of Houses in Multiple Occupation must licence their properties with their local authority. Find out how to apply for a licence.

Gas Infill Loans Scheme

The Gas Infill Loans Scheme provides loan funding for gas infill projects and gas grid extension projects. In areas on, or very close to, the existing gas grid, connection to the gas grid is in most cases is a cost-effective way of reducing energy bills and tackling fuel poverty.

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