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Civil Marriages - Personalised to suit your individual requirements

Your Civil Marriage is unique to you and can include music, personal vows and readings/poems. You may also wish to include an additional ceremony, promotional videos can be viewed by selecting any of the following - Candle Ceremony, Love Knot Ceremony, Quaich Ceremony, Ring Ceremony, Rose Ceremony or Sand Ceremony.  Aberdeenshire Registrars will try to make your day as memorable as possible.

When you have decided on a date and venue for your Civil Marriage you should contact the appropriate Registration Office as soon as possible. Registrars will be delighted to offer assistance and advice on any aspect of your forthcoming marriage.

You can choose to get married in one of our Registration Offices or, as of the 1st September 2014, at any location/venue of your choice subject to a satisfactory Health and Safety Risk Assessment.

A Civil Marriage is purely secular therefore no religious content is permitted.

Whether you are having a Civil or Religious marriage you will need to complete and submit Marriage Notice forms (M10's) together with an additional information sheet. With effect of the 2nd March 2015 the time period in which you can submit your M10's has been changed to no more than 3 months and no less than 29 days prior to the date of the marriage. You will be required to submit further documentation as detailed in the Guidance to Marriage in Scotland leaflet (RM1).

If you are coming to Scotland to get married and you are subject to immigration control, it is advisable to check the Registrar General's advice to reduce the risk of marriage tourists running into visa problems at the ports when they arrive.

With the implementation of the Marriage (Scotland) Act 2014 on December 16th and the consequent legalisation of same sex marriage, the information above is applicable to everyone

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