Scotland-wide free bus scheme (National Entitlement Card)

The Scotland-wide free bus travel scheme for older and disabled people is open to holders of a free National Entitlement Card (NEC). You can apply for a card at the council offices listed below. 

Aberdeenshire Council is currently making arrangements to replace National Entitlement Cards. If you have not yet received your new card with mygovscot or saltirecard branding please contact us before Dec 31, 2016 on 03456 081 208 or via the contact details below.

For questions about the National Entitlement card please contact the NEC team.

Offices accepting applications

All applications

The following council offices accept and validate both disabled persons and over 60s applications:

Disabled applicants only

The following council offices accept and validate disabled persons applications:

Applicants over 60 only

The following council offices accept and validate forms for the over 60s, as well as Aberdeenshire Post Offices:


If you have any specific queries regarding the application process, or would like to know what other services can be added to your card please contact:

Telephone: 03456 081 208
Or send queries in writing to:
Access Aberdeenshire

Useful Website:

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