Employability service

The Employability service is a confidential service for people with disabilities and health related conditions that supports you to achieve your employment goals.


We believe in your potential


Looking for a job or to get back into work?

The Employability service can support you to find:

  • paid employment
  • workplace experience
  • voluntary work
  • self employment
  • training

We can support you and the employer for as long as you need our service.


Getting a job

We can provide practical support in helping you find employment. Typical support may include:

  • career guidance - looking at your skills and strengths, and finding out about the areas of work that interest you
  • job search - we can contact employers on your behalf, identifying suitable vacancies and setting up job opportunities
  • help with writing a CV - if you need your CV updated we can provide practical advice on how to get your CV noticed
  • interview practice - you may not have had an interview for some time, or you may want to improve your interview skills. We can tailor support to help you improve your interview performance


In-work support

We can provide help on a range of employment issues including:

  • return to work planning - helping to coordinate your return to the workplace
  • your rights at work - offering advice and guidance on your rights at work
  • career progression - you may wish to pursue a different career, or develop your existing career. We can assist in helping you manage this change
  • workplace adjustments - if you require changes to your job, we can discuss what will work best for you, and help with negotiating changes with your employer


Contact us

To find out more about services in your area please contact:

07881 667 941

07769 914 371

07771 807 044

07733 115 929

07899 061 086

07776 465 102 or 07733 115 929

07990 791 061 or 07500 066 456

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