Trade Waste Collection Charges 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

We can arrange the collection of waste from trade premises where requested.

Our charges are based on the amount of waste you produce. We supply all the paper work required by the Duty of Care.

There is a minimum invoice charge of £15.00 on all Trade Waste charges.

Waste Charges - Trade Premises

VAT is only applicable where the Council is being sub-contracted as per HMRC guidance.

The undernoted table contains the annual charges (£) for standard trade waste containers emptied on a once per week frequency. To work out the charge for a fortnightly collection, divide the annual weekly collection charge by 2. For a monthly collection (once per calendar month), divide the charge by 52 and multiply by 12.

Bin Size Waste (incl. landfill tax @ £86.10 (per tonne) Recycling collections (paper, card, cans, plastic bottles or glass)
Bags £89.20 £54.79
140L £118.93 £73.06
240L £203.89 £125.24
330L £280.35 £172.21
660L £560.69 £344.42
820L £696.62 £427.91
1100L £934.48 £574.03


Commercial Skip Hire & Waste Disposal Charges


Waste (£)Cardboard (£)
Rental*: Per week:£9.48 Per Week:£9.48
Collection cost per empty: £117.50 £117.50
Disposal costs per tonne £38.50 0.00
Landfill Tax per tonne: £86.10 0.00
Total per tonne: £242.10 £117.50


*Rental applies to skips hired for more than 14 consecutive days

REL skips are charged at a flat rate of 1 tonne per of page Minimum 1 tonne charged for a skip empty.

Event Waste and Recycling

(min charge £15)

Events Bin Size

Waste (£)
Recycling (£)
1 x 140L
1 x 240L
1 x 1100L

Direct Deliveries - by written agreement and prior arrangement only

Direct deliveries of waste: £124.60 per tonne

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