Household bin collections

We operate a weekly kerbside collection service across households:

View Christmas and New Year collection arrangementsIf you have a real Christmas tree, you can recycle it at one of our recycling centres that accept garden waste as we won't collect it from the kerbside.

View our food waste and recycling service leaflet in English (pdf 1.86MB) or the translated version (pdf 1.12MB) (Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian).

What and when we collect

Your collection day for refuse and recycling is on the same day on alternate weeks. We collect:

  • blue-lidded recycling bin one week
  • black refuse bin the following week
  • food caddy weekly (with either recycling or refuse collection)

View bins collection days by postcode.

We don't collect garden waste or glass, bottles and jars. You can bring your garden waste to recycling centers that accept garden waste. To recycle glass, bottles and jars, take them to our glass and textiles recycling points.

Find out what to put in each bin:

How to put rubbish out

When you put bins out for collection make sure that you:

  • place your bins at the kerbside or your designated collection area no later than 7am on your bin collection day
  • close bin lids (lock your food caddy by leaving the black handle upright or fully forward)
  • don't overfill your bins
  • don't put any waste next to your bins (take items that won't fit in your bin to a recycling centre or request bulky waste uplift)
  • don't put heavy items in the bins (sometimes they are too heavy for the loader to safely wheel to the lorry and empty)
  • don't contaminate your recycling bins - put right items in the right bin

After the bins are emptied, it is your responsibility to make sure they are returned to your property.

Sometimes we might not be able to empty your bins. Usually, we won't collect:

  • bins that are too heavy
  • contaminated recycling
  • additional bins that we didn't authorise

If we didn't collect your waste for any of these reasons, we won't offer you an alternative collection. You will need to make sure your waste is put out correctly for your next scheduled collection date so we can empty your bins.

If you put your rubbish out correctly and we still didn't empty your bins, please report a missed bin collection.

Additional collection services

We offer a range of additional collection services to help if you:  

Communal bins

In some areas in Aberdeenshire we provide communal bins to dispose of your waste and recycling rather than individual bins. If you live in a council flats or a communal dwelling it is likely that you will have communal bins shared with other residents.

Communal bins can be used to deposit exactly the same materials as individual bins. You will have one big black refuse bin and one big blue bin for mixed recycling. You will have your individual green food caddy that you take out to the communal area for pick up. In some areas we also provide separate big bin for recycling glass.

Shared bins sit permanently in their designated area. This means you don't have to worry about putting your own bin out for collection or bringing it back in again. Just put your rubbish in the appropriate big bin when it is convenient to you.

We make sure that there are enough communal bins to accommodate all the waste that residents put out, and that you don't have to carry waste too far from your own door.

If the communal bins are full please use the next available bin and don't leave waste beside the bins as we won't collect it.

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