Aberdeenshire 2050

In August 2014, Aberdeenshire Council launched a vision for Aberdeenshire – Visioning 2050.

The purpose of the vision is to provide guidance to the council as it considers its strategic long term aims in order to secure economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability.

The vision is aspirational, however it is based on what we know today and what can be achieved to improve and protect Aberdeenshire. Focusing on four key themes, it sets out a future Aberdeenshire that has:

• A society that is renowned for being welcoming, modern, safe and health;
• An economy that is prosperous, diverse and attractive to investors, employers and employees;
• Communities that are dynamic, culturally diverse and locally active; and
• An environment that is beautiful, bio-diverse, accessible to all, and sustainably used.

The Vision will be integrated into council policies and partners will also be encouraged to use it in formulating their own policies in order to ensure mutual goals and priorities are achieved.

Visioning 2050 is the result of engagement with communities, public and voluntary organisations, business groups and councillors as part of a process that got underway in Summer 2013. The responses gathered during a series of public events provided a view on how to achieve the vision, including the need to protect Aberdeenshire’s environment. It also highlighted desires to improve public transport across the area, to have greater provision of adult education, improved facilities for children and young people, and an increased amount of affordable housing for young people and key workers.