Scottish Government town centre fund

This scheme has been fully subscribed and has now closed to new enquiries and applications.

The Scottish Government announced in December 2018, as part of their budget allocations, that £50 million had been ring-fenced for a Town Centre Fund that would be distributed to local authorities as part of their capital settlement.

The purpose of this fund was to drive local economic activity and to stimulate and support place based economic improvements in town centres. The aim was to invest in inclusive growth which supports town centres to become more diverse and sustainable, creating footfall through local improvements and partnerships which encourage town centres to become more vibrant, creative, enterprising, and accessible places for their communities.

The Scottish Government allocated £3,286,000 of the Town Centre Fund to Aberdeenshire Council for distribution to projects in 2019 to 2020. These were distributed to 14 town centre projects listed below:

  • Banchory Museum and Library upgrade
  • Bridge Street, Banff: Public Realm Improvement Project
  • Huntly Hive, Co-working Shared Space Redevelopment
  • John Trail, Boutique Hotel Redevelopment
  • Purchase of No.30, Community Mixed-use Space Redevelopment
  • Purchase and Implementation of CCTV
  • Huntly Heart - Artist Residence and Homemaker Space Redevelopment
  • Drummers Corner, Public Realm Enhancement, Event Space Redevelopment, and Installation of Artwork
  • Contactless carparking infrastructure
  • Grow Banff at The Vinery
  • Turriff Town Centre Improvements
  • Purchase of 43 Broad Street, this will allow the redevelopment of the former bank building (funded above) extending the hotel offering
  • Stonehaven Town Centre Improvements
  • Portlethen Town Centre Improvements

The Scottish Government announced a further £30 million of capital investment to support economic recovery in 2020. £12 million was allocated to support current Regeneration Capital Grant Fund projects. £18 million injected into the Town Centre Fund (TCF) for investment in 2020 to 2021. The Scottish Government allocated £1,179,000 to Aberdeenshire Council. These were distributed to 8 town centre projects listed below:

  • Aboyne Town Centre Enhancement Project
  • Fraserburgh Public Realm Improvement Scheme (Kirk Brae and Glover Garden)
  • 34 Broad Street Fraserburgh Hotel Redevelopment
  • Phoenix Community Garden, Stonehaven
  • Ballater Village Greens Enhancement Project
  • Victoria and Albert Halls Ballater Transformational Enhancement Programme
  • Victoria Park Community Gardens
  • MACBI, Mintlaw, Youth Area – Happy Youths = Healthy Youths

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