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In safe hands with Aberdeenshire Adoption

Differing from voluntary or charitable adoption agencies, Aberdeenshire Council as a Scottish local authority 'looks after' and has direct responsibility for the care and protection of many vulnerable children, some of whom may require adoption. As such Aberdeenshire Council is also registered and regulated Adoption Agency so that children can be offered a seamless and competent passage to adoption under the umbrella of one single agency, should they need it.

For those children and the families offering permanence for children through adoption we offer a single agency, cohesive approach; a comprehensive working knowledge of children, their needs, and their histories; working with familiar, standardised procedures and processes and clear timescales within which to try and achieve permanence for children. We offer continued post adoption support to all our families for as long as they want or need this. If you need us, we are here for you.

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New to adoption

How to become an adoptive parent, how to do if you're thinking of adopting a step-child or relative or adopting a child from overseas.

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Enduring post adoption support

Information about our post adoption support services, the adoption allowance scheme and the post adoption letterbox scheme for birth relatives and adoptive parents to exchange information for adopted children.

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Birth parents

Information for birth parents about the adoption process and what happens if your child is placed for adoption.

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Care service inspection reports

View Aberdeenshire Adoption Service details and inspection reports on the Care Inspectorate website.

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Are you adopted?

Information about accessing your birth records if you're an adopted adult, wanting to find out more about your origins.

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Case studies

Read some case studies of children who needed adoption in Aberdeenshire and hear what some of our families have to say about how they experienced working with us.