Health and Social Care

The way Adult Social Care and Health services are delivered in Aberdeenshire has changed. These services are provided by the Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership (AHSCP), a partnership of Aberdeenshire Council and NHS Grampian.

AHSCP Adult Social Care and Health services include:

  • Older people service
  • Support for people living with dementia
  • Physical disability service
  • Community Learning Disability service
  • Mental health service
  • Sensory impairment services
  • Occupational Therapy service
  • Substance misuse service
  • Criminal Justice
  • Mainstream care and support services
  • Hosted services

Older people service

We provide a range of care and support services for older people (aged 65 years and over) in the community. These services support people to be independent and well for as long as possible.

Support for people living with dementia

We provide a range of care and support services for people living with dementia. Although most common among older people, dementia can also affect younger people.

We also have a dedicated website dementiaAberdeenshire for people with dementia, carers and the local community. It is a one stop shop to quickly find information to help you manage your lifestyle.

Physical disability service

We provide a range of services and support for people with a physical disability in the community. We aim to help people maintain their health and well-being and to live active and independent lives in their communities.

Community learning disability service

Our Community Learning Disability service provides care and support for people with learning disabilities and complex needs. The service helps people to cope independently, understand information and learn new skills.

Mental health service

We provide care and support services for people experiencing mental health difficulties. Working in partnership with other agencies and the health service to provide specialist mental health services to help you, your family and carers.

Sensory impairment services

We provide a range of care and support services for people with sensory impairment in the community. These services are designed to meet the specific needs of those who have a significant sight or hearing loss or both.

Occupational Therapy service

Our Occupational Therapy service helps people manage their health and well-being. We can help maintain or improve your ability to do the activities you need or want to do. We can support you so you can continue living actively and independently in your community.

Substance misuse service

Our adult substance misuse service provides care, support and rehabilitation for people experiencing difficulties from misuse of drugs or alcohol and addiction problems. 

Criminal Justice

Our Criminal Justice social work service provides support for offenders and their families and aims to reduce re-offending.

Mainstream care and support services

As well as the specialist services, we also provide mainstream care and support services in the community for those with a range of different needs. These services are available to all.

Hosted services

AHSCP also hosts a range of Grampian wide services, including:

  • Marie Curie nursing service – out of hours nursing service for end of life patients
  • Continence service – provides advice on continence issues and clinics
  • Diabetes development funding – overseen by the Diabetes Network. Also covers the retinal screening service
  • Chronic Oedema service – provides specialist support to oedema patients
  • Heart failure service – provides specialist nursing support to patients suffering from heart failure
  • HMP Grampian – provision of healthcare to HMP Grampian

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