Banff and Buchan Site Visits

Planning application reference number APP/2021/1887 and APP/2021/1888
Planning application title Full Planning Permission for Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse, Including Installation of Replacement Windows and Painting of Exterior (Retrospective) and Alterations to Garage and Erection of Wall at 6 Low Shore, Whitehills, AB45 2NN
Listed Building Consent (as above)
Date 16th November 2021
Time 9am
Meeting point 6 Low Shore, Whitehills, Aberdeenshire, AB54 2NN
Other information Site visit procedure guidance (pdf181KB)

Guidance on the conduct of site visits

The purpose of a visit to the site by Councillors is to allow them to familiarise themselves with the land in question, its location and surroundings, and any particular physical or geographical features. Persons accompanying the Councillors may point out particular features or aspects referred to in their representation but the Councillors will not discuss the merits of the application with parties during their visit. Such discussion is for the Committee meeting itself.

For further information or clarification please call 01467 537619.