Council Tax appeals

You must continue to pay your Council Tax while your appeal is being considered. 

You can make an appeal if, for example:

  • we are charging you Council Tax and you do not think that you are the person who should pay
  • you think you should get a discount and we are not giving you one, or we are not giving you the correct amount of discount
  • you think your property should be exempt from Council Tax

How to appeal

To appeal please write to our Council Tax team and address your email or letter to the Director of Business Services. 

You or your representative must sign your appeal and it must contain:

  • your name, address and the date
  • the address of your property (if different)
  • the reference number shown on your Council Tax bill and the date of issue
  • your reasons for appealing and any evidence that supports your appeal

If a representative signs for you, they must also include their name and address.

We will consider your appeal and if we require more information from you, we will contact you. We will let you know our decision as soon as we can. If you disagree with our decision, you may be able to appeal further to the Local Taxation Chamber.

Valuation appeals

You may be able to appeal against the valuation band of your property if:

  • the whole or part of the property has been demolished
  • you have moved house and think the valuation band of your new house is wrong (you must appeal within 6 months of taking over the property)
  • the Assessor has altered the band of the property (you must appeal within 6 months of the band being changed)
  • the surroundings of the property have changed
  • improvements have been made to the property and it has then been sold

If you are thinking about making an appeal against the valuation band of your property, please note that the valuation was based on property prices as of the 1st April 1991.

If you have a query about the band in which your property has been placed, you should contact the Grampian Assessor.