£150 Council Tax payment: cost of living award

Aberdeenshire households can get a one-off £150 cost of living award as per the Scottish Government budget announcement. This page contains information on who is eligible to receive this payment, and how you can receive it. 

Eligible households

Payment of the Cost of Living award is based on where you are resident on 14th February 2022. Each qualifying household is eligible for one payment if they meet the below criteria. 

Properties in A to D bands

Households living in properties in A to D bands are eligible. 

Properties in E to H bands

Households living in properties in E to H bands are eligible if they are in receipt of Council Tax Reduction.

Properties Exempt from Council Tax

 Households which are exempt from Council Tax are not eligible for the £150 Cost of Living award unless they are: 

  • occupied solely by occupants under the age of 18
  • occupied solely by care leavers
  • occupied solely by those who are severely mentally impaired
  • unoccupied, because the resident resides somewhere else to provide care or where the resident resides elsewhere to receive care

Unoccupied homes including second home, and dwellings that are no person's main residence, will not receive a payment.

How we make these payments

Scottish Government provided local authorities with discretion on how to make this payment.

We have automatically credited £150 directly onto eligible Council Tax accounts for financial year 2022/23 resulting in a reduction in the amount of Council Tax you are due to pay for 2022/23. Your monthly instalments have been adjusted accordingly and this is shown on your bill.

This is the most cost-effective and efficient way to make these payments to eligible households.

Request a refund instead of a Council Tax credit

For eligible cases, if you prefer to receive a payment of £150 instead of a credit to your Council Tax account, you can request a refund.

Once received, we will process your refund via BACS directly into your bank account. If you do not have a bank account we will contact you to discuss alternative payment methods.

If you choose to receive a refund we will send you a replacement Council Tax bill. This will detail your new increased monthly instalments.

Request a refund

Contact Council Tax team

Email: colaward@aberdeenshire.gov.uk
Telephone: 03456 08 12 01
Post: Aberdeenshire Council, PO Box 18533, Inverurie, AB51 5WX