Open data

We publish various open data feeds for the use of the public and other organisations. Find out about our Open Data Strategy.

All spatial data will be in KML format unless otherwise stated. KML is a format for the exchange of geographic information. KMZ is a compressed version of KML. KML files can be viewed directly in Google Earth (Windows, Mac or Linux) or loaded into Google Maps (web).

Unless stated otherwise open data feeds are released under the Open Government Licence.

Available feeds Files
Adopted core paths View adopted core paths map
Download adopted core paths data 13th January 2021 (kmz, 398KB)
Burial grounds View burial grounds and cemeteries map
Download burial grounds and cemeteries data 11th October 2018 (kmz, 94KB)
Car parks View council car parks map
Download council car parks data 11th October 2018 (kmz, 49KB)
Committee areas boundaries within Aberdeenshire View committee areas map
Download committee areas data 12th September 2019 (kmz, 452KB)
Community councils within Aberdeenshire View community councils map
Download community councils data 9th May 2022 (kmz, 3MB)
Contracts register Download contracts register 31st August 2022 (csv, 129KB)
Cooling tower register Download cooling tower register 23rd November 2018 (csv, 4KB)
Cycle routes across Aberdeenshire View cycle routes map
Download cycle routes data 15th February 2018 (kmz, 366KB)
Glass and textiles recycling points View glass and textiles recycling points map
Download glass and textiles recycling points data 13th February 2019 (kmz, 9KB)
Green belt areas within Aberdeenshire View green belt map
Download green belt data 14th February 2018(kmz, 48KB)
Grit bin locations View grit bins map
Download grit bins data 11th October 2018 (kmz, 101KB)
Gritting routes within Aberdeenshire View gritting routes map
Download primary and secondary gritting routes data 22nd December 2020 (kmz, 251KB)
Download gritting priority 1 and 2 footways data 22nd December 2020 (kmz, 1.4MB)
Harbours (owned by the council) View council harbours map
Download council harbours data 12th October 2018 (kmz, 49KB)
Housing Land Audit 2022 View Housing Land Audit 2022 map
Download Housing Land Audit 2022 data 8th August 2022 (kmz, 188KB)
Leisure and community centres View leisure and community centres map
Download leisure and community centres data 18th October 2018 (kmz, 9KB)
Local Development Plan (LDP) 2017 Download LDP 2017 settlements 23rd November 2018(kmz, 768KB)
Download LDP 2017 sites 23rd November 2018 (kmz 948KB)
Download LDP 2017 shape 23rd November 2018 (zip, 1MB)
Local nature reserves within Aberdeenshire View local nature reserves map
Download local nature reserves data 14th February 2018 (kmz, 8KB)
Museums View museums map
Download museums data 12th October 2018 (kmz, 7KB)
Offices open to the public View council offices map
Download council offices data 12th October 2018 (kmz, 49KB)
Polling district boundaries within Aberdeenshire View polling places and districts
Download polling districts data 1st April 2022 (kmz, 3MB)
Polling place locations within Aberdeenshire View polling places and districts
Download polling places data 22nd April 2022 (kmz, 14KB)
Primary school catchment boundaries within Aberdeenshire View primary school catchments map
Download primary school catchments data 2nd September 2022 (kmz, 415KB)
Primary school locations within Aberdeenshire View primary school locations map
Download primary school locations data 2nd September 2022 (kmz, 22KB)
Public toilets View public toilets map
Download public toilets data 11th October 2018 (kmz, 27KB)
Recycling centres View recycling centres map
Download recycling centres data 18th October 2018 (kmz, 90KB)
Secondary school catchment boundaries within Aberdeenshire View secondary school catchments map
Download secondary school catchments data 6th January 2021 (kmz, 200KB)
Secondary school locations within Aberdeenshire View secondary school locations map
Download secondary school locations data 14th February 2018 (kmz, 3KB)
Wind turbine applications within Aberdeenshire View wind turbines map
Download wind turbines data 27th September 2022 (kmz, 1.7MB)
Download wind turbines data 27th September 2022 (csv, 872KB)
Download wind turbines shape 27th September 2022 (zip, 934KB)

Other feeds

Available feeds Description
Council news (RSS) Latest news headlines from the council
Road closures (RSS) List of current road closures in Aberdeenshire


If you have any questions regarding open data supplied by the council then please email your enquiry to