Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme

Stonehaven has historically suffered from flooding which affected local residences and businesses within the lower reach of the River Carron. Major flooding events have occurred in Stonehaven over many years, most recently in 1988, 1995, 2001, 2002, 2007, 2009 and 2012 which have caused the evacuation of nearby residents.

Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme (FPS) is designed to protect homes and businesses which have previously been badly affected by flooding events around the River Carron. It is to provide a standard of protection well above the current Association of British Insurers requirements, reducing flood risk to 372 residential properties, 2 public utility sites, a school and an emergency service site. Once completed, it will provide a 0.5% chance of occurrence standard of protection(1 in 200-year flood event). It will also include an allowance for climate change (33% increase to 2080) and a safety margin catering for uncertainties.

Key elements of the work

The works are the design of defined elements and construction of Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme. This includes construction of walls, embankments, culverts, and alteration to 5 bridges along the Carron Water (and tributaries) through Stonehaven:

  • Removing, replacing and raising the Red Bridge and Green Bridge
  • Repositioning the Green Bridge
  • Removing, refurbishing and reinstating the White Bridge in a raised position
  • Replacing the Bridgefield Bridge parapet with a reinforced glass type material
  • Raising and widening the Beach Bridge
  • Construction of flood walls between the Red Bridge and the river mouth
  • Removal of the island downstream of the Green Bridge
  • Installation of 2 higher capacity culverts on the Glaslaw Burn and a new culvert under the gardens of Cameron Street
  • Construction of a new pedestrian walkway from Bridgefield Bridge to the Beach Bridge

Watch a fly through video from 2015. The scheme has been modified since then but the video gives an indication of how it will look.

Drop in sessions

If you have any questions about the Flood Protection Scheme, you can meet our Community Liaison Officer every Thursday between 10am and noon at the Villa Coffee Shop, 13 Arbuthnott Place.

Updates on works

View Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme newsletter for community updates.

You can also view a map with construction works schedule (pdf 1.8MB). This is an indicative timeline based on the contractors programme and we will be updating it regularly as works progress.

Watch a drone footage showing the start of works. You can see the tree and vegetation clearance allowing contractor access to the site. An excavator can be seen at the property named 'Riverside' on Salmon Lane, creating a temporary access to the river. At the White Bridge another excavator can be seen creating an access to the river. This was used for the temporary removal of the White Bridge, which is being refurbished then returned to its former position as part of the scheme works.


View the high level timeline:

  • September 2014 - council committee agrees funding/application to Scottish Government for funding
  • May 2015 - public consultation event
  • June 2015 - Flood Risk Management Act (2009) application
  • March 2017 - public hearing
  • June 2017 - committee confirms the proposed Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme with modifications
  • September 2017 – scheme becomes operational
  • November 2018 - contractor appointed following tender process
  • February 2019 - ecological works such as tree surgery
  • March 2019 - construction works start
  • September 2020 - planned completion of all constructions works (excluding landscaping)
  • June 2021 – planned completion of landscaping works

Archived and historic information


If you have any queries in general about this scheme contact our community liaison officer Sheila Tolmie either by telephone on 07867193124 or by email

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