Empty homes

If you own an empty property, you may be having difficulty deciding your best options. We have a dedicated advice and information service for owners of empty homes. There may be a good reason why your property is being kept empty or it may have become 'stuck' as an empty home. Whatever the reason for your empty home, we want to help bring it back into use. We can provide advice and information on the following:

For any empty property enquiry please contact emptyhomes@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.

General maintenance

Even if your empty property is in good condition now, it can be subject to deterioration, increased risk of vandalism and criminal damage, and ongoing maintenance and repair costs are likely to occur. You may even have a mortgage for your empty property and are struggling to meet the repayments. 

These leaflets can give you advice on how to prevent or reduce the possibility of any repair costs costs as well as how to help with your mortgage repayments:

Repairing and renovations

If you are refurbishing an empty property to bring it back into use as housing, these leaflets give information of possible discounts and reduced VAT rates that may be available to you and who you can contact for further advice and guidance:


A 2 bed property rented out at current 2018 Local Housing Allowance rates could potentially generate a rental income of approximately £7180 over 12 months period (£138.08 per week is £7,180 per annum).

It may be worth taking the time to consider if this is an option for your empty property. If you are thinking of becoming a landlord there are certain criteria that both you and your property need to meet, and these leaflets offer advice and information on how to do this:


There are various ways to sell your property and the following leaflets cover some of the usual routes as well as alternatives you may not have thought of. There are also tips on how to prepare your home for sale and how to present your home to make it look more marketable to potential buyers:

Matchmaker scheme

The matchmaker scheme aims to match empty property homeowners in Aberdeenshire who are trying to sell or who are thinking about selling with people who want to buy an empty property.

Find out more:

We operate the scheme in partnership with Shelter Scotland. There are matchmaker schemes running on a voluntary basis in various local authorities in Scotland. The service is free and can provide help to sell or buy empty properties in participating areas. 

If you are interested in areas outwith Aberdeenshire please complete national buyer matchmaker registration form (PDF 119KB).