Your Rights

How do we deal with information about you?


Sharing information

You have a right to privacy, so anything personal or sensitive you tell us will be treated as confidential. However, sometimes it helps us if we can share information about you with other agencies and departments. For example, we may need to check your benefits.

Without your consent, we cannot share information about you with other agencies, and they can't share information you've given them with us.


Your rights

  • you have legal rights under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Human Rights Act 1998. You can stop any agency sharing information about you with anyone else. All agencies must protect your privacy if you ask them
  • you have the right to bring a friend, relative or support worker to the interview
  • you have the right to get independent legal advice
  • you have the right to have an interpreter present during the interview if you have hearing difficulties, or if English is not your first language



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