Sheltered housing during coronavirus

In accordance with Scottish Government requirements, all Sheltered Housing schemes will adopt a range of precautionary measures designed to ensure compliance within COVID-19 government guidance. Information will be provided to all tenants within schemes and it is essential that the staying safe guidance is observed at all times.

It is essential that the guidance given within each and beyond protection levels is observed.

Support tailored to local circumstances

To take account of the on-going cases of of COVID-19 in the community; currently some areas have very low COVID-19 levels, while others have moderate levels. If there is an outbreak in the Sheltered Housing Scheme a higher level of restrictions will be in place for the duration of the outbreak for example family and friends visiting will be asked to keep this to essential visits only, repairs will revert back to essential repairs and movement within the scheme will be kept to a minimum. Tenants will be advised when these restrictions will be imposed and when they will be relaxed.

Individualised approach to welfare checks

To minimise community transmission of the virus, it is still not safe for the Sheltered Housing Officer to visit all tenants in their own homes and the current approach to welfare checks will continue, the decisions on the type of contact and service you require should be person-centred and take into account your assessed needs and expressed preferences, balanced against any risks. A Sheltered Housing Officer will be in contact to discuss your needs and preferences with you.

If you wish to speak to a Sheltered Housing Officer when they are on duty, there are area numbers and a Sheltered Housing Officer will answer your call.

Please pull your cord in an emergency.

Please note calls will only be answered between 8.45am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday:

  • Buchan sheltered schemes - 01358 281139
  • Banff and Buchan sheltered schemes – 01346 417360
  • Garioch sheltered schemes and Formartine sheltered schemes – 01467 539057
  • Kincardine and Mearns sheltered schemes and Marr sheltered schemes - 01224 472856

Priority for home visits and face-to-face care will be given to health and social care professionals supporting tenants. However, many other services are important for the wellbeing of individuals and decisions for the Sheltered Housing Officer to visit you in your home will need to be taken on an individual basis. For example a tenant who does not have visitors or family may benefit from more regular home visits from the Sheltered Housing Officer or a volunteer visitor or befriender.

Intercom and telephone contact will remain the normal first part of a welfare check, unless otherwise indicated as above by individual needs, preferences and circumstances. Meanwhile Sheltered Housing Officers have been provided with digital tablets and mobile phones to support ‘Near Me’ consultations with GPs and primary care teams. In addition following an application to Connecting Scotland, 242 iPads/chromebooks are available to be allocated to tenants who meet the criteria, if you wish to be considered for support with a digital device please speak to a Sheltered Housing Officer.

Your Sheltered Housing Team

The Scottish Government have advised that homeworking arrangements continue to be the default where possible. This means the current working arrangements for Aberdeenshire Council staff will remain the default for a while longer. Sheltered Housing staff will continue to wear face coverings and social distance while working. Home visits will be undertaken where essential with triage questions asked and appropriate PPE worn. If you plan to visit an Aberdeenshire Council office, please check the opening times and arrangements prior to doing so.