Landlord registration

All private landlords are legally required to be registered with their local authority. The landlord needs provide personal details, a list of all let properties and the name and address of any letting agent used. Letting agents are not obliged to register separately, but are encouraged to do so.

Register as a landlord

It costs £65 to apply for landlord registration, plus a fee of £15 per property. Registration lasts for three years. View landlords legal obligations (pdf 41KB).

The Scottish Government's guidance notes for local authorities may be useful for landlords to help clarify inclusions and exemptions.

Apply for landlord registration

Renew your registration

You need to renew your registration before its registration expiry date if you're continuing to rent out the property.

Renew landlord registration

If you've got a registration number and want to add a property to your portfolio, please use this form:

For more information or advice call 01467 534853 or email

View landlord registration privacy notice (pdf 83.4KB).

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