Health hazards

Environmental health

If we receive a complaint that your garden, or property, may present a potential health hazard to others we will inspect the garden and may contact Environmental Health to look into it.

Generally, situations such as discarded household waste or rubbish are a breach of the tenancy agreement.

Hoarding and hazardous waste

Unfortunately, some tenants collect too many  items or potentially dangerous objects, such as:

  • household goods
  • DIY parts
  • timber   

We will try to resolve the problem with the tenant. However, if it cannot be resolved and  it continues to be a hazard we will clear the property and charge the cost to the tenant.

We have a duty to make sure that our tenants use our properties appropriately. We also need to protect other residents from a Health and Safety perspective.

Infestation and vermin

We are responsible for letting a property in a reasonably habitable condition that meets Health and Safety standards. Afterwards, you are responsible for dealing with any infestation or vermin, such as:

  • rats
  • mice 
  • insects
  • wasps
  • woodlice
  • ants
  • gulls

Certain species such as bats, squirrels and nesting birds are protected by law and care should be taken if these are living in your loft.

Advice is available from our environmental health officers.