Our repair responsibilities

As your landlord, we are responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure of the property that you live in, and any installations provided by us. This includes:

  • walls, floors and ceilings
  • window frames and external doors, and locks
  • roofs, drain pipes and gutters
  • kitchen and bathroom fixtures - toilets, baths, basins, sinks, gas and water pipes
  • heating equipment - fires, radiators, storage heaters and panel heaters
  • water heating equipment - boilers and immersion heaters
  • electrical fittings - light switches, light fittings, sockets, wiring and hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • steps and access paths (not garden paths), fences and walls in and around public areas, but not between neighbours’ gardens
  • communal areas around the property - stairs, lifts, landings, lighting (landlord’s lighting only), entrance halls, paving, and rubbish chutes. This may be a joint responsibility if other owners are involved
  • carrying out annual gas servicing, 10-yearly electrical testing, and other safety checks
  • external paintwork
  • external facilities including drying green poles and rotary dryers (not ropes)
  • brick or block built sheds or garages
  • communal television or communications aerial

We may also carry out other works, if you agree to pay for them.

What we are not responsible for

We are not responsible for damage caused wilfully or negligently by you, anyone living with you, or a visitor to your house. This also includes damage to electric installations caused by your appliances. You can arrange for the work required to be done subject to appropriate standards being met, otherwise we will do the work and you will be charged for the cost of the repair.

We are also not responsible for:

  • the repair of any fixtures and fittings not belonging to us which make use of gas, electricity or water
  • the repair or maintenance of anything installed by you or belonging to you which you would be entitled to remove from the house at the end of the tenancy unless it has otherwise been specifically agreed

Damage caused by vandalism

Where damage has been caused as a result of vandalism, provided you have proof of a report being made to the police and you have reported it to us as soon as the damage is discovered, we will carry out the necessary repair work.