Parks and Open Spaces

Aberdeenshire has many parks, playing fields and open spaces, here are details by geographical area.

Tree issues

Find out more information on Tree Issues.


River DonInformation for those wishing to rent an allotment.

Tree Maintenance Guidelines

Information for those experiencing issues with trees.

Parks and Open Space Strategy

Following a public consultation the Parks and Open Space Strategy was approved by the six Area Committees and the Infrastructure Services Committee.

In support of the Open Space Strategy, an audit of Aberdeenshire's public open spaces was carried out during the summer of 2008. The findings were subject of a consultation with local communities, resulting in a summary of the quality and quantity of open space in each settlement of over 200 people. Reference should be made to these statements when considering the provision of open space for new developments, as required under the standards in the Open Space Strategy (Appendix 2).

Open Space Strategy Audit

Circuses and Funfairs

Information for operators.



Recreational fishing in Aberdeenshire. Trout and salmon fishing on the River Don, with information on flies and tactics, seasons and permits.River Don

The River Don is recognised as a premier salmon and sea trout river, but is also renowned for the quality of its brown trout fishing.