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We offer support to schools, colleges, universities and other organised groups to discover our natural and cultural heritage. We encourage the use of local sites, but we can visit suitable locations across Aberdeenshire, this includes classroom visits.

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Before you make a request

Please take time to read our guidance about responsibilities during a session and ensure your visit fits with our aims and objectives. In an outdoor environment it is important that responsibilities of the Teacher/Group Leader and Ranger are clearly understood. 

Our sessions are planned specifically to meet the needs of the class or group. It is therefore essential that you inform the Ranger of any changes to the composition or needs of the class.

The Ranger may revise or end activities if the class behaviour of the class, group or an individual compromises safety, the enjoyment of other countryside users or is detrimental to the environment.

It is understood that not all attendees will have access to suitable outdoor clothing. If this is a concern please raise it with the Ranger before the visit and we will endeavour to devise an accessible session. 


The Ranger will:

  • Discuss session request form with teacher or group leader and confirm a session date and time
  • Conduct a risk assessment for Ranger led activities and make this available to the teacher or group leader
  • Inform the Teacher of appropriate clothing and any equipment required for the session
  • Keep confidential any information provided by the school or group leader regarding attendees

The Group Leader will:

  • Be responsible for class/group discipline, behaviour and first aid - please note the Ranger may revise or halt activities if the behaviour of the class, group or an individual compromises safety, the enjoyment of other countryside users or is detrimental to the environment
  • Ensure the information on the visit request form is accurate and notify the Ranger of any changes
  • Ensure the group and any adult helpers adhere to safety advice given by the Ranger, including bringing suitable clothing
  • Ensure everyone takes away their litter

How to request a session

If you would like to book a session please complete our online form. 

We understand that the needs of every class is different, and we warmly invite teachers and group leaders to contact the relevant area Ranger prior to completing a booking request form.

View Ranger Service schools and groups booking privacy notice (pdf 55KB) to find out what we do with your data.

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What happens after

Once your form has been received the Ranger will get in touch and confirm your request. Please note your session is not confirmed until the ranger has been in contact with you.