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We welcome requests from schools, interest groups and commercial (for profit) groups. We encourage the use of local sites, but we can visit suitable locations across Aberdeenshire. We can also make classroom and school ground visits.

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Before you make a request

All booking requests should have a strong natural and or cultural heritage focus and be in line with our strategy, aims and objectives. 

Please take time to read our guidance about responsibilities during a session.

Our sessions are planned specifically to meet the needs of the class or group. It is therefore essential that you inform the Ranger of any changes to the composition or needs of the class or group.

View Ranger Service schools and groups booking privacy notice (PDF 55KB) to find out what we do with your data.


The Ranger will:

  • Discuss session request form with teacher or group leader and confirm a session date and time
  • Conduct a risk assessment for Ranger led activities and make this available to the teacher or group leader
  • Inform the teacher or group leader of appropriate clothing and any equipment required for the session
  • Keep confidential any information provided by the school or group leader regarding attendees

The teacher or group leader will:

  • Be responsible for class/group discipline, behaviour and first aid - please note the Ranger may revise or halt activities if the behaviour of the class, group or an individual compromises safety, the enjoyment of other countryside users or is detrimental to the environment
  • Ensure the information on the visit request form is accurate and notify the Ranger of any changes
  • Ensure the group and any adult helpers adhere to safety advice given by the Ranger, including bringing suitable clothing
  • Ensure everyone understands the principle of Leave no Trace and takes their litter away

It is understood that some attendees may not have access to suitable outdoor clothing. If this is a concern, please make the Ranger aware before your visit and we work with you to discuss an appropriate solution.

School, university and college groups

We offer sessions for nursery, primary school, secondary school, university and college groups. These sessions are most effective when part of a wider learning programme and supported by classroom learning.

Please contact for information about skill sharing sessions.

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Organised groups

We welcome bookings from organised groups looking for a session which is in line with the aims and objectives of our strategy.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept group bookings for events such as birthday parties, stag or hen parties.

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Commercial groups

Commercial group bookings (profit making organisations and businesses) are very welcome. Sessions for commercial organisations are charged at £30 per hour. Charge will be made for preparation, session delivery, tidy up and travel time. Any consumable materials required to be purchased for the session will be charged at cost.

Charges will be agreed prior to the session and invoiced after the session.

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What happens after

You should hear back from us within seven days of your booking request. The Ranger will discuss your requirements and confirm the booking with a booking confirmation document. The booking confirmation document will include details of clothing, footwear, food and anything else the attendees should bring as well as risk assessment information.


If you have any questions about making a booking request please email us at