Reading Groups

 If you like the idea of sharing your enjoyment of reading with others and trying different things, then why not join a reading group or set up your own with some like-minded friends.

 Your local library can help - a group may already exist or staff can offer advice and tips. The Library Service lends sets of titles especially for groups, so choose from the list below and ask your library to get it for you. 

Advice and Tips are: 

  • Bring any favourite book for initial discussion
  • Keep in mind some ice breaker discussion points as below
  • Where do you like to read?
  • Do you read more than one book at once?
  • Do you read the book after seeing the film?
  • Do you choose a book by it's cover?
  • From your discussion get a feel for what you?d read as a group
  • Consider having a film and book group
  • Does anyone need a special format e.g. large print, audio book
  • e-Books are also available from the Digital Library
  • Be willing to try something different
  • Decide where and how often you?ll meet
  • Decide on a name and register your group with your library

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