Public access - licensing register

You can use licensing register (public access) to view details of current licence applications as well as licences that have been already issued.

The information on the system is constantly updated throughout working days. Any new applications are available as soon as they are viewed to be valid. 

The register also allows you to create a profile to receive email updates or comment on certain licence applications to make an objection or representationAny comments made are available to the public and may be used in public documents.

View licensing register

There are also other ways you can find out about licence applications. These are:

  • Neighbour notification - if you live within 4m of an application boundary for a new premises or major variation application a notification is sent to you from the licensing service advising you that an application has been received and is available for comment
  • Local newspapers - certain types of applications require an advertisement in the newspaper local to the development site
  • Site notices – certain types of applications require a site notice to be displayed on the property or site

Help using the register

For assistance in using the system, view our frequently asked question (PDF 100KB) or the licensing register user guide (PDF 1.8MB). You can also watch the video on this page for more information on how to search or track an application, and making comments.

Contact us

If you have any suggestions that would help improve the online register, or would like to report a fault with the system, you can email us at