Child performance licence

Any child under compulsory school leaving age, wishing to take part in any public performances, will only be able to do so under authority of licence granted by the local authority for the area where the child lives.

A licence is necessary for:

  • A performance in connection with a charge (such as an admission fee or wage)
  • Any performance in licensed premises (pubs, clubs or any establishment where alcohol is sold
  • Any broadcasting performance
  • Television performance

Please view the performance licences guidelines (PDF 752KB) for full details. 

Types of licence

There are two types of licences depending whether you are applying for an individual child or a group of children:

  • Child performance licence
  • Body of persons licence

Child performance licence is an individual licence that is granted per child. 

Body of Persons licence is for a group of children taking part in a performance or series of performances, removing the need for obtaining individual child performance licences. It can be used by an organisation or amateur productions such as youth organisations or dramatic societies. This licence cannot be granted for performances where children are being paid except for expenses.

How to apply

All applications for a licence must be made at least 21 days before the performance.

Application forms are for children attending an Aberdeenshire Council school only. Children attending a school of another local authority should contact the relevant council for guidance. For children attending a private school, applications should be obtained from that school.

To apply please complete the relevant form along with the checklist, and email them to or post to Education and Children's Service office. Forms are available in two formats:

View the child performance licences privacy notice (PDF 131KB) to find out hat we do with your information. 


For further information and advice on the regulations, please contact the Education and Children's Service office.