Gardenstown landslip - community updates

Installation of mesh on the slope in GardenstownThe council continues works to deliver option C identified in the Gardenstown Landslide Temporary Landslide Management Options Appraisal. This option comprises preliminary stabilisation of the landslide in the form of soil nailing and meshing to restrict slope movements/degradation and deposition of material behind the existing blockwork wall and onto Harbour Road. The aim of this option is to continue to provide unsupervised road openings.

BAM Ritchies have been employed by Aberdeenshire Council to undertake the design and construction of these preliminary stabilisation measures and Atkins have been appointed by Aberdeenshire Council as contract supervisor for the duration of the works.

120 soil nails were installed in total – 17 vertical nails in the top row and 103 nails in the face of the slope. 11 rolls of TECCO Slope Stabilisation mesh were installed, covering a total area of 1200 square meters. 

View more detailed update from 13th June 2018 (pdf 460KB).

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