Open data

We publish various open data feeds for the use of the public and other organisations. All spatial data will be in KML format unless otherwise stated. Find out about our Open Data Strategy.

Unless stated otherwise open data feeds are released under the Open Government Licence.

Spatial data

Available feeds Description File
Committee areas Committee areas boundaries within Aberdeenshire 452KB View Download 
Community councils Community councils within Aberdeenshire 2.84MB View Download 
Cycle routes Cycle route information across Aberdeenshire 366KB  View Download
Green belt Green belt areas within Aberdeenshire 48KB View Download 
Gritting routes Primary gritting routes within Aberdeenshire 984KB View Download 
Housing Land Audit 2017
Housing Land Audit 2017 spatial data 231KB View Download 
Local nature reserves
Local nature reserves within Aberdeenshire 8KB View Download 
Polling districts
Polling district boundaries within Aberdeenshire 3.21MB View Download 
Polling places
Polling place locations within Aberdeenshire 9KB View Download 
Primary school catchments
Primary school catchment boundaries within Aberdeenshire 385KB View Download 
Primary school locations
Primary school locations within Aberdeenshire 8KB View Download 
Secondary school catchments
Secondary school catchment boundaries within Aberdeenshire 248KB View Download 
Secondary school locations
Secondary school locations within Aberdeenshire 3KB View Download 
Wind turbines Wind turbine applications within Aberdeenshire 1.64MB View  Download

Non-spatial data

Available feeds Description File Size  
Contracts register (CSV) Council's contracts register 86 KB Download 
Wind turbines (CSV) Wind turbine applications within Aberdeenshire as of 31 January 2018 619 KB Download
Cooling tower register (CSV) Cooling tower register in Aberdeenshire 4 KB Download

Other feeds

Available feeds Description
Council news (RSS) Latest news headlines from the council
Road closures (RSS) List of current road closures in Aberdeenshire

KML and KMZ feeds and how to use them

KML is a format for the exchange of geographic information. KMZ is a compressed version of KML. KML files can be viewed directly in Google Earth (Windows, Mac or Linux) or loaded into Google Maps (web).


If you have any questions regarding open data supplied by the council then please email your enquiry to

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