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List of Members


Loch MuickWhile working as a cohesive group, the Forum aims to provide a balanced representation from the 4 sectors with an interest in outdoor access, namely public agencies, land managers, community interests and access users. Members selected by consensus or election are expected to represent their sector generally, rather than confining their representation to any specific organisation. Members selected by co-option or appointment represent a specific organisation or sub-sector. Members comprise Representatives, who are responsible for the business of the Forum, and Reserves, who deputise for Representatives when necessary.

RepresentativesSectorOrganisation (if any)
John Hughes Access user n/a
Hamish Booth (Vice Chair) Access user n/a
Judy Middleton Access user n/a
David Culshaw Access user n/a
(Vacant) Agency NHS Grampian
Ian Cowe Agency Forestry Commission Scotland
Mark Andrew / Mark Busby Organisation River and Fisheries Trust
Cllr. Patricia Oddie Agency Aberdeenshire Council
Gordon McKilligan Community n/a
(Vacant) Community  
Adam Wallace Community Mearns Community Council
Chris York Community Tarves
Alison Espie (Chair) Land manager n/a
John Fyall Land manager n/a
Andrew Robertson Land manager National Farmers Union of Scotland
Larry Irwin Land manager Scottish Land and Estates
Ewen Cameron Corresponding Member Scottish Natural Heritage

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ReservesSectorOrganisation (if any)
Alison Mitchell Access user n/a
Cllr. Graeme Clark Agency Aberdeenshire Council
Jim Dewar Agency Forestry Commission Scotland
Calvin Little Agency NHS Grampian
Linda Miller Community n/a
Wilson Irvine Land manager National Farmers Union Scotland
Eilidh Mackechnie Land manager Scottish Land and Estates
Geordie Burnett-Stuart Land manager n/a

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