eBuilding Standards

eBuilding Standards is a Scottish Government portal that allows you to create and send building warrant related applications or correspondence to us.

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How we manage applications and correspondence

To aid the electronic process, our established ePlanning team, is your single point of receipt for all incoming applications and correspondence relating to building warrant applications.

Our team is responsible for: 

  • monitoring portal submissions
  • picking up applications that have failed and processing them correctly
  • processing any paper based mail and converting them to electronic format prior to processing

Using eBuilding Standards means that your submissions are picked up every half hour between 7.30am and 5pm and processed. If your submission is successful, it goes directly to the surveyor or technical assistant for your case.

Submissions available via the portal

All the legislative forms are available on the portal from submission of building warrant application to submission of completion application. 

You can use the 'Additional Supporting Documents' form to submit any piece of information, document or revised drawing which relates to any of your ongoing applications.

Submissions process


If you are using the portal for the first time you need to create an account

View the eBuilding Standards portal user guide for more information including how to create an account.

Creating a proposal

Before you can submit anything you must create a proposal for your project. 

You can create proposals at any time in the warrant process. For example if you have an already approved warrant but need to submit a start notice or completion application you can create a proposal and pick it up from there.

Once you have created your proposal, you can then select the form you require following the option to 'Add Additional Forms' under your 'Draft Forms' section. You cannot submit any documentation without a form.

Always have your warrant reference number to hand for ongoing cases, some of the forms will ask you to provide it. This is mandatory for the successful processing of your submission. Our reference format is similar to 'BW/YYYY/NNNN'.

To avoid any delay: 

  • if you are making a submission related to multi-plot sites, we will need you to quote the plot number on the form or within the site address of your proposal
  • if you are making an application for completion or temporary occupation, we will need you to quote the original warrant approval reference number when completing the form
  • if you are making an application for amendment to building warrant, you will require the original warrant reference and the approval date when completing the form

Once you have navigated through the checklist for your submission, please ensure you click both 'I Accept' and 'Submit' buttons at the very end of the process. 

If your submission has been successfully accepted by the portal, you will receive an email confirmation that the submission is waiting for pickup by Aberdeenshire. If you have not received such an email, please check you have fully submitted.

Help with the portal 

The eBuilding Standards portal is supported and maintained by the Scottish Government, therefore the main support centre is with Scottish Government. You can contact the support centre for support or to feedback any ideas or suggestions for improvements to them.

View the eBuilding Standards portal user guide (PDF 1.31MB) for more information. As you work through the process, individual user guides specific to the form you are completing are also available. 

You can contact our ePlanning team to check if your submission has been received or for any other query.

You must provide your portal reference number for any correspondence.