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Proposed Local Development Plan Representations

In response to the Proposed Local Development Plan we received comments from 897 respondents. The following index allows access to each individual response. This index is best used with the draft “schedule 4“ documents published separately, where responses have been grouped together into a limit set of 73 issues. In the schedule 4 document a summary of the issues raised by respondents is provided and cross referenced to the original submission to allow a greater understanding of the points raised.


Index of Representations (PDF 360KB)

List of Consultants and Issues Raised (PDF 81KB)

6-70 (PDF 9MB)

186-215 (PDF 8MB)

311-332 (PDF 9MB)

446-495 (PDF 9MB)

605-627 (PDF 9MB)

71-120 (PDF 9MB)

216-265 (PDF 8MB)

333-362 (PDF 8MB)

496-540 (PDF 8MB)

628-694 (PDF 9MB)

121-155 (PDF 9MB)

266-285 (PDF 8MB)

363-395 (PDF 8MB)

541-590 (PDF 7MB)

695-709 (PDF 10MB)

156-185 (PDF 8MB)

286-310 (PDF 8MB)

396-445 (PDF 8MB)

591-604 (PDF 8MB)

710-897 (PDF 3MB)