The Proposed Forestry and Woodlands Strategy 2016

The rich diversity of forestry in Aberdeenshire is very important not only in economic terms but environmentally, socially and culturally.

Forestry is an important part of the rural economy, providing employment directly in timber management and production and indirectly in associated businesses including tourism. Woodland areas composed predominantly of native species are particularly important for biodiversity and landscape.

Based on a "Call for Views" Aberdeenshire Council has developed a strategy which will provide a guide for forest and woodland creation and management across the area (excluding the Cairngorms National Park) in forthcoming years. This early engagement has resulted in the publication of a Proposed Forestry and Woodland Strategy 2016. This strategy will form statutory supplementary guidance and will become part of the Development Plan for the area.

Proposed Forestry and Woodland Strategy 2016 (PDF 2.4MB).

A short film has been produced to support the consultation.

The strategy is also supported by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (PDF 2MB) and a Habitats Regulations Assessment (PDF 286KB).