Register a birth

All births in Scotland must be registered within 21 days of the child being born.

You can register a new birth at any Registration office in Scotland. This page explains how to do it in one of Aberdeenshire offices.

Who can register a birth

Parents married or in a civil partnership

If the baby's parents are married to each other or are in a registered civil partnership, only one parent need to attend the office to register the birth. Either parent can complete the online form and subsequent phone calls.

Unmarried parents

If the parents are not married to each other and are not in a registered civil partnership, they must both attend the birth registration appointment to have a father/parent named on the birth entry.

If the birth is registered only by the mother, the father/parent’s details will only be shown if either:

  • a statutory declaration has been signed in the presence of someone who can administer oaths
  • if a court has declared that a person is the father/parent of the child

The father/second parent can't complete the registration without the mother of the child present unless a statutory declaration has been signed in the presence of someone who can administer oaths.

In either of these circumstances, please phone us for advice on 01467 468468.

Person registering is not a parent

If neither parent is available to complete the birth registration for the new baby, please contact us on 01467 468468 for advice on how to proceed.

Full birth extract

During the registration you can purchase a full birth extract (birth certificate) showing the parent's names. This is optional and there is a £10 charge for this.

Full birth extract is needed for school and nursery enrolment and passport applications.

What you need to provide

You will need you to provide the notification given to you by the maternity hospital or midwife that shows the baby's details. This is normally headed 'Registrars Information' and commonly referred to as the birth card. If you are not sure that you have the correct documents, please phone us on 01467 468468

If you plan to purchase any full birth extracts, please also have a payment card ready.

What we will provide you with

After registration has been completed we will give you the following documents:

  • Abbreviated birth extract showing the baby's full name, date, and place of birth - this is free of charge and can be used to send with your child benefit application
  • EC58 form which you will need to give to the GP practice your baby will be registered with
  • Full birth extract showing the parent's names if purchased

How to register a birth

To start the registration process you will need to fill in an online form. You will need to upload a copy of the birth card and pay for a full birth extract if you would like one.

Register a birth

View privacy notices relating to birth registration and naming ceremonies.

What happens after

We will schedule a phone call during which the registrar will collect and verify all relevant information relating to the registration. If the baby’s parents are unmarried, both parents should participate in this phone call. If you are unable to be in the same location, your registrar will be able to initiate a conference call to two separate telephone numbers.

If you requested registration by email and you would like to purchase a full birth extract, we will take the payment over the phone.

We will also agree a time when the parent(s) will visit a Registration office to briefly review and sign the register page.

Tell us once

We also offer a Tell Us Once service, which allows the Registrar to contact local council services and government agencies that need to know about the birth on your behalf. This will save you having to contact them all individually.

View Tell Us Once Birth Leaflet (pdf 2.1MB).