Order birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates

You can order a copy of birth, marriage, civil partnership and death certificates. Legally, these certificates are called extracts. You can use them to replace an original certificate if it's lost or damaged.

We can provide certificates for any event registered in Scotland from 1855 onwards.

If the event was registered outwith Aberdeenshire in the last 12 months, please call our general enquiries number, 01467 468 468, before ordering a copy. A registrar will quickly confirm whether or not we can issue the certificate. If we can't, we will provide you with contact details for the local authority who will be able to assist you. 

Please note we aren't able to provide certificates registered outwith Scotland. You can order English and Welsh certificates from the GOV.UK website and you can order Northern Irish certificates from the NI direct website.

You can order a certificate online. At the end of the form you will be asked to pay for the certificate and its postage.

Order a copy of certificate