Reasons not valid for a parking fine appeal

They are some circumstances that we do not accept as valid reasons for an appeal. We will not cancel your parking fine if:

You had no change for the machine

It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough money to buy a parking ticket before you leave a vehicle in the car park. In car parks where we allow a free period you can place a free ticket on display before going for change. There is a grace period of 10 minutes from when we first note the vehicle as not displaying a valid ticket to allow you time to return with a ticket.

You did not realise you require a ticket for a free period

It is your responsibility to check the parking regulations and follow the relevant instructions when you enter a car park. 

Ticket machine was out of service or did not register the coins

Our Car Park Operatives check that there is at least one ticket machine working properly before they issue fines. It is your responsibility to get a ticket, and to check that the machine registers the coins you insert. In the unlikely event that none of the machines are working we will not issue fines.

Vehicle was charging at electric charging point

Electric vehicle charging bays are not priority parking for electric vehicles. Please do not park in a charging bay if your vehicle is not charging. You still require a valid ticket when you use an electric charging point. 

You appeal after you have paid the fine

If you pay the fine you are accepting that you did not follow the rules of the car park. We offer a reduced rate for a quick closure of the fine.