Re-apply for your Blue Badge

Blue Badges are issued for a set period of time. We do not send reminders when your badge is due to expire, and you will need to reapply if you remain eligible. If you keep your copy of the rights and responsibilities leaflet that you receive with your Blue Badge this has space to record your badge details and expiry date for easy reference.

As part of your application you may need an assessment to confirm your continued eligibility, and we will require the same evidence of eligibility as when you apply for the first time. 

We recommend applying for a new Blue Badge 12 weeks before your existing badge expires.   

Please visit our How to apply for a Blue Badge page to submit your new application. Even if you have had a Blue Badge before, your new application will need to be checked against the criteria when applying, including any supporting information you provide with your application.  

It is an offence to use an expired badge.

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