Macduff Harbour

Macduff HarbourAverage High Tide Variation:
1 hour 20 minutes before Aberdeen

Latitude 57º 40'N
Longitude 02º 30'W

Admiralty Chart
No. 1462

Mr Duncan Mackie
Harbour Office
32 Shore Street

Mobile: 07747 020496
Telephone: 01261 832236
Fax: 01261 833612
Watchman: 01261 833962

General information

The foundations for the modern facility were put in place by the Duff family and James, Second Earl of Fife in particular.

Construction commenced in the 1770's. The first basin was created in 1783 and by 1791 there were two basins, east and west, the latter remaining in place as it is today. The harbour remained in the ownership of the Duff family until 1898 when it was transferred to Macduff Town Council.

Although situated on a fairly exposed part of the coast where gales from the North East can create problems to the entrance, the harbour is probably as safe as any along the coast.

A general cargo and fishing port, Macduff has a slipway with side slipping arrangements for up to four boats. There are around 40 boats which mainly operate and land at larger ports, but return to Macduff for repairs and maintenance. The harbour has a completely enclosed fish market where sales are conducted when local supplies are available.

The ports steady cargo trade consists of the import / export of coal, fishmeal, soyameal, rock salt and sugar beat.

A pilotage service (non-compulsory) is available and the port is equipped with VHF, weighbridge and stevedore facilities.

MacduffMacduff - Population 3850

Still very much a fishing and commercial port, Macduff took over the fishing trade of the older settlement at Banff on the opposite side of the bay.
The local Macduff Shipyards construct steel hulled fishing vessels as well as traditional wooden boats.

Harbour depths

MacduffDepth of the entrance channel and outer basin is 10 feet (3.04 metres) below MLWS while the inner or Princess Royal Basin is 8 feet (2.43 metres) below MLWS.

Maximum operational length is 200 feet (61 metres).

As a general rule fishing vessels can enter at any state of the tide during neap tides but deeper drafted vessels are restricted from entering hours either side of low water.

Contact harbour office on VHF Channel 12 or telephone for advice.


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