Ready2Go bus services

Ready2Go logoReady2Go is a digital demand responsive bus service. This means it operates on-demand instead of having a fixed timetable and route.


Ready2Go availability will depend on the demand of other passenger trips and the positioning of buses. If a timetabled local bus service operates at the time you wish to travel, you should use this instead of Ready2Go.

How to book

Bookings can be made as soon as possible or up to 7 days in advance.

You can book for yourself and anyone accompanying you. Adults can book for children.

There are two ways you can book your journey:

You need to book for each trip as the bus will not pick up passengers who have not booked.

If you are booking a bus in advance, for example later that day or the next day, the booking system will search for your requested time, then up to an hour later, and then up to 20min earlier. This means you may be offered a pick-up time that is later or earlier than the time you asked for.

If you are not offered any Ready2Go bus you can search for another time or alternatively you can wait until later in the day and search again in case of any cancellations.

The system will assign you a pick-up and drop-off bus stops. Please check that these stops are suitable before booking the trip. The system is constantly updating so if you take a long time to decide whether to book this trip there is a small chance that the bus stop offered could change. Please double-check the pick-up bus stop.

What you need to provide

When booking you need to provide a start and end location for your trip. The app can be used to save your favourites. If you phone to book you will be asked to provide a mobile phone number so you can receive text updates. 

Pick up and drop off times

You can request to 'depart now' or choose a departure date and time.

If a bus is available you will be provided with the approximate pick-up time and the estimated drop-off time. 

If you are trying to book a bus for a future time, for example later today or tomorrow, the booking system will search for a later time and then it will search for an earlier time. This means you may be offered a pick-up time that is either later or earlier than the time you asked for. 

If the time offered is suitable, place your order for this bus. 

You will then be advised of the pick-up and drop-off bus stops. Note that the bus stops that you are offered may not be the closest stops to your start or end location so you may need to walk some distance. If the bus stops are not suitable you should try looking for another time.

Nearer the time of travel you will receive a text update to confirm the trip. Please note that your scheduled pick-up time may vary from your booked time in order to fit in other passenger bookings. Normally the pick-up time for future bookings will move no more than 10 minutes later, but occasionally it can move by 20 minutes later, so please consider this if you need to arrive at your destination by a set time, for example to attend an appointment.

Close to the time of travel please look out for a text notification to say your bus is on its way and be ready to make your way to your bus stop, if you are not already there, before the pick-up time.

When the bus arrives at your bus stop please indicate to the driver that you wish to board.

If the bus is delayed for some reason on its way to pick you up, you can track it on the app.

Your bus may stop to pick up and drop off other passengers who have booked to travel at the same time and this may involve a detour off your route. If you are using the app you can use it to check your estimated arrival time at your destination.

Check your bus stop locations

When booking on the app the allocated pick up and drop off bus stops are displayed. The stops offered may not be the same as you requested so check they are suitable before selecting “book this trip”.

After you have booked, the journey details including bus stops and times are recorded in the “Ready2Go Journeys” section of the app under “Future Journeys”. Check this before you travel to make sure you know which bus stop to go to. The pick-up location will also be included in a Ready2Go confirmation text on the day of travel.

How to cancel your trip

If you have booked a bus and are unable to travel you must cancel your trip to avoid us sending the bus on an unnecessary journey and to free up the bus for other intending passengers. You should cancel as soon as you realise you do not need the booking. Please do not leave it until the last minute to cancel.

You can cancel using the app or by phoning the booking office on 01467 535 333 and leaving a message on the cancellation answerphone. This is monitored Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

How to amend your booking

If you have booked a bus and you need to amend your booking you will need to cancel it and request a new booking.

Ready2Go fares and ticketing

Bus fares, which are paid on the vehicle using cash or contactless card payment, are based on zones. Single, return, 10 Journey, weekly and 4-weekly tickets are available. Free Scotland-wide bus pass holders and children under the age of 5 travel free. View further information on fares and ticket types.

Details of the most popular fares are included in the Ready2Go Around Inverurie section.


For any general enquiries about Ready2Go email or call 01467 535 333, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.