You can report a verge damage or cutting issue using our road fault reporting form.

We maintain approximately 10,000 Km of rural roadside verges, along with the verges in urban areas.

Following a comprehensive review of service delivery, a proposal to alter the verge maintenance regime was approved at the Full Council meeting on 25 November 2010.

The regime will consist of one full cut of the entire network, with a possible second treatment at junctions and some identified visibility splays where this is deemed necessary. The commencement date for the grass cutting has been set to maximise the control of the vegetation height.

The maintenance regime and schedule is as follows:

  • 1 Full cut (visibility/junction/verge swathe cut) - early June-mid July
  • Further cutting to junction/visibility as instructed - August-September
  • The full width verge cutting regime will be carried out over a 6 year rolling programme.

This regime is intended to reduce the quantity of cutting, without compromising road safety. An additional benefit is that this will support our ongoing commitment to increase maintenance regimes that improve biodiversity. The impact of the regime will be closely monitored.